OBJECTIVE Take advantages of sales skills & experience, relationships and understanding of market to become a professional Sales Engineer and bring a lot of value to Customers, from that I will contribute to development of your company. PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT In early 2016 Me and some close Friends have found a small charity group which named Friend & Charity with expecting to help the poor and studious children. I am really proud about it. As Founder & Leader I have learnt many things from leading group as management, organization, motivation and inspiration for members…It likes a non-profit company where you can not take advantages of power of manager or boss to control everything. You can only depend on your true feeling and heart to convince everybody. I hope We can help for many the poor and studious children in the near future.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Sales Engineer-Marine EnginePhu Thai Cat
    March 2017 – Present

     Profile of our company: Phu Thai Industries Company Limited trading under the name PHU THAI CAT is the Sole Authorized Vietnamese Dealer for Caterpillar Inc. the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and
    natural gas engines from May 23rd, 2010. With a dedicated workforce of more than 400 employees, combining both local knowledge and international expertise, PHU THAI CAT is equipped to provide a complete product distribution network and
    comprehensive product support through an extensive facility network which includes a Sales and Administration Office in Hanoi, 3 Product Support Centres in Quang Ninh, Hung Yen and Dong Nai and 8 site offices nation-wide.
     Main responsibility
    -Be in charge of business marine engine.

  • Sales EngineerBid Company Limited
    October 2014-February 2017

     Main responsibilities
    -Be in charge of product range is machines in the textile industry (Fabric dyeing machine, stenter, bleaching and washing continuous machine, sueding and brushing machine, equipment for dyeing laboratory…)
    -Research the domestic market and plan to develop the new product of company
    -Work with supplier to understand about product as functions, advantages, disadvantages applied field, business situation of product on international market, collect the important document of machine…Research and compare with competitor’s product. From that create my own presentation by powerpoint
    -Take care of company’s recent customers and find the new customers through internet, relationships in industry, survey practically at the textile industrial parks
    -Contact and make appointment with customer to present about company’s product after explaining customer’s wonders about product. At the same time record all of their requirements as machine type, quantity of machine, specification, layout, quotation…
    -Contact with supplier to exchange about the current demand of customer. In some special cases maybe invite region sales manager to meet customer directly
    -Receive quotation from supplier after translating and sending to customer
    -Follow up feedback from customer, negotiate and promote to sign the contract
    -Find the new projects through relationships, newspaper, media, prepare the bidding procedures and take part in bidding. Track the progress of the tender package
    -Follow up delivery progress and take the technical expert of the machinery manufacturer go to set up machine for project.
    -Follow up debt
    -Write report weekly, monthly, quarterly and prepare the working plan for new week
    -Classify customer to get an effective customer care plan
    -Support company in activities as marketing, holding the textile and garment exhibition yearly
    -Be willing to conduct the other requirements from Director
    + Recognition and Gains:
    – Always accomplish all sales targets of company.

Trình độ học vấn
  • VEHICLE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City
    Oct 2010 – Sept 2014

    GPA: 7.03
    Honors & Awards
    2011-2012: Receive scholarship in 1st semester
    2012-2013: Receive scholarship in 1st semester
    2013-2014: Receive scholarship in 2nd semester

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