Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Saleswoman accumulation Assistant ManagerEVERPIA Joint Stock Co., (Korean company – Everon mattress, bedding and Curtain & Blind)
    October 2018 - present

    – Finding potential agents to expand market in Central area and Western one.
    – Providing customer services, deploying promotion program to encourage all agents to join.
    – Processing to sign contracts after finishing negotiation such as policies, agent margin and so on.
    – Having a business trip to Central area and Western one once a year.
    – Doing other ad -hoc reports as manager’s requirements.

  • Sales AdminMINISO Company Ltd.,
    April 2017 – November 2017

    – Doing daily Sales Report.
    – Sending a Blacklist & Hot Item list.
    – Following up & creating transfer in/out goods from a store to another one on GDH system if
    – Checking quantity of store’s inventory and warehouse’s one if a store leader needs to deliver goods to
    – Making PO for 10 shops based on Sum of Sales & The quantity of store’s Inventory twice a week.
    – Sending PO to make up goods & make delivery schedule to stores.
    – Following up Delivery schedule, checking quantities and items match PO.
    – Do other ad hoc reports as manager’s requirements.

  • Sales AdminACACY Company Ltd., - specializing in outsourcing, C&B
    July 2010 - December 2016

    – Reporting about the displayed quantities of Samsung products (For examples: TVs, Home Theaters,
    Refrigerators, Washing machines, Air conditioners, Microwaves, Vaccumn cleaners).
    – Reporting about the quantities of Fixtures (Walls, Islands, Columns,..)
    – Report the Monthly Sell-out Achievement for Retail Specialists (RS), the RS’s Incentive if having
    – Following up and updating the progress of POSM deployment; especially for Samsung’s promotions
    – Administering the internal system: shop permission for RS, updating the shop’s information, creating
    new shops.
    – Coordinating with an IT Staff to make standard templates which admin can export reports according
    to Samsung’s requirements and assure data on App software and the data of exported Excel which
    are matched.
    – Administering the RS’s Attendance and the relevant reports on Apps software such as POSM reports,
    Display ones, Promotion ones – both Excel and Powerpoint files.
    – Do other a hoc reports as manager’s requirements.

  • Information CheckerSUNFLOWER MEDIA LTD., COMPANY – specializing in Tiep thi gia dinh, The gioi van hoa magazines.
    May 2007 – June 2010

    – Checking all information on magazines before magazines are published. Information is checked by
    searching Google, listening to records which journalists supply.
    – Translating small English news into Vietnamese about all sections.
    – Through Information checker’s job, I have skills: writing Vietnamese sentences briefly, limiting on
    spelling mistakes, knowing many news, high-teamwork, high responsibilities, learning more
    translation methods from my colleagues.

  • SecretaryIndustrial Packaging Visingpack Company Ltd.,
    January 2006 - March 2007

    – Composing contracts, reporting the Weekly/ Quarterly Revenue. Reporting the daily Purchase
    – Making the quotations for Marketing Executives, remind Marketing Executives to reclaim debt.
    – Managing stationnaries, Filing quotations and documents.
    – Composing documents following as Marketing Manager’s requirements, reporting the Weekly
    meeting minutes.
    – Other ad hoc reports according to Marketing Manager’s requests.

  • Education consultantUK Academy (from elementary to high school)
    June 2018 – September 2018

    – Making telesales to invite parents to participate in minor or big seminars and consulting
    programs, taking them go around the school, then making the final sales.
    – Following up tuition receipts.
    – Do student care duties: checking student’s attendance; Student planner of all grades; bringing
    happiness for parents on their birthday and student’s ones; following up tuition; allocating
    student’s uniforms and do other customer services.
    – Do other ad hoc reports as manager’s requirements.

  • Admin ManagerBLACKMARKET Company Ltd.,
    November 2017 – February 2018

    – Doing Sales/ Consignment contracts.
    – Following up Inventory/ Goods Received Report.
    – Doing Detail Sales Report/ Cas h/ Card.
    – Following up the expiry date of Quality Certificates of Alcohol, Food & Beverage, Contracts.
    – Keeping the safety box.
    – Coordinating with an Accountant to pay debt for suppliers by cash, COD or bank transfer.
    – Following up employee’s labor contracts, the labor law.
    – Coordinating with services to make contracts: maintenance of air conditioning, electricity,
    – Registering promotion on Commercial & Industrial Facilities.
    – Following up information on auxiliary labels according to the trademark law.
    – Doing ad hoc duties in the store, office as Director’s requirements.

Trình độ học vấn
  • MarketingTechnology and Industrial
    June 2013- June 2015
  • CertificateVUS

    Certificate TOEIC (460),


    Skill of composing email, answering customers, through telephone, being well-organized work

Các kỹ năng
  • Software Programs Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Vietnamese
  • English
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