Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them I have abilities to persuade clients, come up with many solutions for any issues in my work and maintain the relationship very well, both internal and external. I believe with 2 years of experience as Sales Admin and Dealer, I will be strengthened even more to become a salesman in the future. My next objective is to find a multinational company to have a chance for my own developments as a salesman.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • SENIOR SALES ADMIN & DEALERAmerica Indochina Management Vietnam (also known as Vien Thanh Ltd,)
    Feb, 2017 - Present

    Being a Sales Admin, I’m responsible for all the information of the Flooring Division including: Inventory & Delivery, Pricing Consolidation, managing documentation & data system, Project Process Management, Consolidation of information from Site Team. In specific:
    – Receive inquiry from Sales Team & clients, check with Suppliers & prepare PO
    – Coordinate with Accounting Dept, Logistics Dept & Ware House Keepers, Project team to make sure the goods delivered on site in time to catch up the schedule
    – Follow-up and inform client to claim payments and negotiate with clients if there are any airing issues related to the delivery
    – Consolidate price system from all of the Suppliers including: ex-work price, haulage, freight, clearance fee, import tax… and advise sales team of the solutions for shipments to save cost, avoid risk and appropriate GP
    – Consolidate price of all local Suppliers and Subcontractors to make comparisons of price, quality between them and report to Division Manager to negotiate the appropriate price
    – Prepare the tender documents and checklists for contracts to be signed including: cash flow, costing, preliminary cost (loading/ unloading, Site expenses, consumables…)
    – Follow with the contract: signing, deposit, payment from the delivery & final payment for acceptance
    – Coordinate with Logistics team to follow up the shipment, inform DM & sales team to discuss the solutions for any arising issues
    – Follow up and keep record of installation process
    – Consolidate and claim payment for all site expenses: arising delivery, consumables, tools, equipment and keep tracking them to reuse for next projects
    – Consolidate the 6-month rolling forecast of the sales team & report to Manager.
    Being a Dealer, I’m responsible for the stock orders (B&C and B&B customers with small and medium sales quantities), provide customers for general information of the Flooring solutions (mainly engineering wood and luxury vinyl tiles), all the requirements for the substrate before installation and the warranty services.
    – Have in-depth knowledge of many kinds of Flooring solutions (Vinyl, rubber, Engineering wood, sports wood systems) and understand about the strategies and position of my company in the market
    – Follow up and rising many solutions for airings issues related to shipments, installations, invoices and receivables.
    – Contribute to many successful existing projects and up-coming projects: Tam Anh Hospital, American International Hospital, Hanoi French Hospital, International School ( District 2) , Gym Chains of Fit 24, German House, ABC School, City Garden…
    – Contribute solutions to delivery services, loading/ unloading process.
    – Teamwork spirit with all related Departments to make the projects go smooth according to the schedule.
    – Have good relationships with Suppliers, Subcontractors and Customers

  • SALE ADMINThach Anh Vang Company Limied
    Feb, 2016 – Oct, 2016

    – Introduce products to new customer and maintian the relationship with regular customers.
    – Receive the orders from customers and place the orders as requested.
    – Make the contracts (consumables & equipment) for customers and follow up until we finish the delivery, installation, training and they finish the final payment.
    – Deal with any occurrence in the process of an order.
    – Provide and update information to relevant departments
    – Report to Manager if there is any change in customers’ behavior
    – Persuasion in dealing with customers
    – Working under pressure when we fail the customers’ expectation
    – Manage working time effectively
    – Skill of talking to customers via phone
    – Skill of arrange emails and reply them
    – Skill of presentation when introducing new products to customers.

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVEGigatum Joint Stock Company (well-known for Clingme App)
    August, 2017 - Present

    – Search for potential Merchant and approach them
    – Set up meeting, present Clingme App to the Merchant
    – Send proposal and offer a deal to Merchant
    – Offer additional Marketing activities for Merchant to co-banding for Merchant and Clingme
    – Process for the deal to be on-app and deal with any arising issues ( ex: customer’s bills are rejected, update new changes for Merchant…)
    – Follow monthly payment with Merchant
    – Achieve the KPI for the 1st month in probation
    – Approach with many reputed Merchants: Cahi Tea, Couple TX, Mon Hue & Pho Hung, The Face Shops, The Boody Shops…

Trình độ học vấn
  • BACHELOR IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSUniversity Of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City
    2011 - 2015

    GPA: 7.85/10
    I ‘ve got general knowledge for all aspects: business, finance, risk control, accounting…And I had a chance to take part in a group 10 of my classmates in a business stimulation project at the last semester (we sold the perfume to international customers) and we ranked the 3rd.
    2017 – 2019
    IELTS: 6.5

Các kỹ năng
  • Project Management
  • Follow up & Analysis
  • Solutions Brainstorming
  • Communtcation Skills
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