Looking for a position in marketing where I can use my strong problem solving and analysis skills. Social activities at the university and last jobs experience in sales and marketing field will provide a solid starting point on which my marketing experience can be built and add to your company. A results-orientated and enthusiastic individual with a work ethic that is very strong; I am completely committed to showing you that I will be a valued employee.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Digit al Market ing Executive + Social Media ExecutivePOPS Worldwide Company (Phong Phu Sac Viet Corporation)
    Tháng 8/2018 - Tháng 5/2019

    – Develop, implement and manage the marketing & brand strategy
    for assigned brands, products, and digital video channels (e.g.
    YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
    – Monitor and manage internal & external third parties on the
    execution of branding activities
    – Coordinate with internal teams (product, content, creative studio,
    etc) and partners to deliver creative and effective activities.

    – Regular monitor of the digital marketing campaign results, social
    media, market trend, competitors.
    – Integrate analysis report after completing the campaign &
    development direction for the next campaign.
    – Measures the effectiveness of communication channels and
    strategies and makes appropriate adjustments.
    – Track, measure and analyze all digital activities and prepare
    – Manage budget allocation and track actual spending

  • Digital Marketing Executive (POPS Kids T V Apps)POPS Worldwide Company (Phong Phu Sac Viet Corporation)
    Tháng 12/2017 - Tháng 7/2018

    – Plan and monitor all activities to acquire paid/organic users via
    online channel (Google, Facebook…).
    – Work with internal team to optimize the resources and increase
    quality/retention of users across all connected apps.
    – Manage CMS to set up programming content.
    – Manage all tools to communicate with users and promote the
    content (push notification, push in-app, email marketing, social…).
    – Manage all store accounts to reply feedback from users.
    – Plan & follow-up branding activities (advertising, KOL, PR, event,
    activation…) assigned by team leader.
    – Coordinate with internal teams (product, social, marketing,
    content, creative studio, etc.)

  • Marketing ExecutiveViettinhanh Joint Stock Company
    Tháng 4/2017 - Tháng 8/2017

    – Support brand development strategies
    – Make detailed plans and implement the marketing programs
    – Working with foreign partners to set time for goods, support costs,
    import prices and selling prices, …
    – Interacts with other departments to ensure that the marketing
    programs are implemented effectively and punctually (Purchasing
    Department, Accounting, Design, Sales …)
    – Work with Sales team to implement programs and boost sales.
    – Monitoring and reviewing program effectiveness, reporting and
    solve the problems timely if any.

  • Produc t Operat ion Collaborat or (Game Publishing)VNG (VNG Corporation)
    Tháng 10/2015 - Tháng 6/2016

    – Participating in the process of launching new products: Product
    research, Customer position, …
    – Testing products and evaluating the suitability of products for the
    Vietnamese market.
    – Checking and reporting the product contents and ensuring the
    quality of them.
    – Providing product information and features (documents, images,
    clips …) for PR, Seeding, Fanpage, Marketing …
    – Supporting to monitor the products, contribute personal ideas for
    product feature adjustments, events, promotions … and handle the
    product errors to answer customers’ queries.

    – Reading and summing up the results of basic metrics to analyze
    and evaluate for the next operation phrases.

  • Produc t Operation Internship (Game Publishing)VNG (VNG Corporation)
    Tháng 4/2015 - Tháng 9/2015

    – Getting acquainted with the working environment and people of
    – Attending the soft skills courses organized by the company: Time
    controlling skill, Teamwork skill,…
    – Starting to learn and participate in the job, Game Operation: Main
    tasks, Working process,…

  • Part -time jobVERAC (Viet Economic Research & Advisory Corp.)
    Tháng 12/2014 - Tháng 12/2014

    – Collecting information from stores, restaurants and supermarkets,
    etc. to build up a website for Japanese.

    – Reading and summing up the results of stock purchasing and
    making simple Japanese announcement about stock.

  • TranslationMANGOADS
    Tháng 5/2013 - Tháng 4/2014

    – Translating foreign articles into vietnamese articles.
    – Editing or rewriting existing copy as necessary.
    – Uploading the articles to the website.

Trình độ học vấn
  • International BusinessForeign Trade University Ho Chi Minh City Campus

    – Graduated in April, 2016
    – Notable Modules – Marketing, E-Commerce, Insurance,
    International Business Contract, Microeconomic & Macroeconomic
    Principles, …

Các kỹ năng
  • Problem Solving
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
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