My full name is Le Thanh Hien. My major is Marketing. As an Marketing major and a fresh graduates , I have been looking for an position to working Marketing field. I have not only studied a wide range of subjects relevant to Marketing in-depth but also got several Internship positions and learned practical knowledges. My key strengths that would support my success in this position include: · Be good listeners, show attention towards the subject discussed and can work under pressure. · Be detailed oriented, careful in everything. · Be orderly, organized in daily life and working environment. · Be curious about exploring different ideas or ways of thinking. · Be kind and gentle to everyone. . Be able to work with flexible time and always ready to take biz trips.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Account InternREDCARPET AGENCY
    02/2019 - 04/2019

    – Research about consumer insight.
    – Attend the meetings with client and production house.
    – Attend debrief ing and brainstorming sessions.
    – Contact and deal with KOLs, Fan-pages,Inf luencers.
    – Campaign daily report

  • Marketing InternACFC
    08/2018 - 10/2018

    – Translate into English
    – Cross-check ACFC stores.
    – Handle the work of visual merchandiser.

  • Account InternISOBAR
    05/2019 - 07/2018

    – Make and book monthly payment requests or contracts.
    – Do monthly media and social reports f or several brands.
    – Contact and work with suppliers, consumers based on
    certain campaigns.
    – Revise and correct social contents.
    – Manage f anpage and website based on certain
    – Support other tasks from account executive, account

Trình độ học vấn
    09/2014 - 07/2019

    – Ielts 6.0
    – German B1
    – Microsof t Of f ice Specialist
    – “Tai Nang Kinh Te Tre”- The Runner- UpPrize
    – “Sinh Vien Nghien Cuu Khoa Hoc”- The Consolation Prize

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