• Almost more than 08 years’ working experience including 03 years’ working experience in the position of Business Development Officer & Tender Officer & 05 years’ working experience as Project Administrator & Office Administrator for foreign enterprises ( Germany, Japanese, Netherland, French), specializing in engineering & consulting, project management, procurement, construction management for industrial & manufacturing plants, commercial center area , various petroleum refinery plants, gas processing plants and petrochemical plants. • Proficient in translating documents from Vietnamese to English and vice versa • Have a great command of English • Good use of office software (Excel, Word, Power Point) • Good communication skills • Good to work independently, good teamwork skills • Advanced time management and organizational skills • Strong results orientation and self-motivation. • Be able to work under pressure or on far mission

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Business Development Manager Assistant – VietnamRieckermann Vietnam Co., Ltd.- Rieckermann Engineering Operation
    10/2018- present

    • In charge of identifying and reviewing bid announcements (RFPs) & new project
    information in local and regional markets through newspapers, online services and
    other channels, assessing the feasibility of making bids and reporting to BD Manager
    • Regularly update CRM, collect report regularly and upload on RIS system of the
    company after business meeting with client
    • Coordinate technical team to prepare proposal & submit it to client
    • Follow submitted proposal, contact client about status of submitted proposal
    • Coordinate technical team for proposal clarification meeting
    • Coordinate with Legal Division & Technical Team for preparing and negotiating
    contracts with clients
    • Support foreigner project manager to find out, get quotations from permiting
    companies, general contractors for project’s permitting works, construction and
    installation works for projects in vietnam
    • Join project’s kick-off meeting at client’s office together with foreigner project
    • Support foreigner project manager to find out, get quotations from permiting
    companies, general contractors for project’s permitting works, construction and
    installation works for projects in vietnam
    • During execution of project, keep contact with client to listen comments of client
    about on-going works of technical team so that if any problem occurs, coordinate
    with foreigner project manager solve problems positively

  • BD & Tender OfficerArchetype Engineering & Industry Consultants Ltd. (formerly known as Tebodin Vietnam Co., Ltd.)

    Business Development Task
    • Responsible to maintain and update key client contacts regularly on CRM
    • Prepare correspondence/ business letters/ presentation and send
    marketing/business development materials to new client for meeting
    appointment & approaching new projects
    • In charge of identifying and reviewing bid announcements (RFPs) & new project
    information in local and regional markets through newspapers, online services
    and other channels, assessing the feasibility of making bids and reporting to BD
    Tendering Performance Task
    • Prepare Bidding Document/ Quotation as per standardized templates and
    • Responsible for submitting Bidding Document/ Quotation to client by e-file &
    • Follow up feedback of the Client about bidding document/ quotation
    • Coordinating with technical team to make clarification with Client about bidding
    document/ quotation as per Client’s requirement
    • With non – awarded bids, follow up it and undertakes a post-bid analysis to
    ascertain the reason why it was not awarded in order to apply corrective action
    and continuous improvement to the bid process
    • With awarded-bids, coordinate with Legal Department & Technical Team for
    preparing and negotiating contracts with clients to ensure that the negotiations
    are favourable to company procedure in terms of pricing and scheduling
    • Follow up contract signing procedure
    Projects Invovled :
    − Kajima – SMC Manufacturing 2- Phase 2, Dong Nai, Vietnam
    − Krong Pa Solar Power Plant Project, Giai Lai, Vietnam
    − Phong Dien Solar Power Plant Project, Hue, Vietnam
    − VNECO Vinh Long Solar Power Plant Project, Vinh Long, Vietnam
    − FPT Data Center Project, HCM,Vietnam
    − Diana Unicharm Warehouse Project, Bac Ninh, Vietnam
    − Quechen Vietnam Sodium Silica Manufacturing Project, Vietnam
    − Coca-Cola Hanoi Factory Expansion Project, Hanoi, Vietnam
    − Bbraun Pharma New Plant, Hanoi, Vietnam- Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
    − IBM Data Center Project, Hanoi
    − Others

  • Project AdministratorTebodin Vietnam Co., Ltd- Hanoi Office

    1. Project Administrator
    • Prepare correspondence/ business letters, transmittal & send them to owner,
    subcontractor as per Project Director/Project Manager’s requirement
    • Coordinate with Construction Manager/ PM in preparing & submitting site
    weekly/monthly report , safety report to owner
    • Coordinate with Construction Manager/ PM & Financial Dept. to make payment
    request document & follow up owner’s payment schedule
    • Preparing contract & negotiating with owner/subcontractor
    • Preparing minutes of contract liquidation with owner/ subcontractor
    • Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure, including
    technical documents, drawings to make sure and audit the document done in
    right template, placed in right space, named in right standard and saved in both
    in hardcopy and softcopy version, etc
    • Manage and control the documents and drawing in/ out of office by using the
    functional stamp, and make sure all transmittal is recorded
    • Translate project documents/ technical documents as per the requirement from
    • Prepare facilities for site office such as renting office container, purchasing
    printer, working table, chair, PPE, stationery…
    • Make hotel reservations near site office for clients, partners, engineers as
    • Arrange car hire for picking up and seeing off clients, partners, engineers at the
    airport, project site as required
    • Booking train ticket / airticket for engineers’ business trip to site office
    Projects Invovled :
    − Vifon Hai Duong Food Processing Plant, Hai Duong, Vietnam
    − PUMA – Bitumen Storage and Distribution Terminal Project, Quang Nam, VN
    − Unilever, Scooter 2 New HCL Plant Project , VSIP Bac Ninh, Vietnam
    − Dynaplast Greenfield Packaging & Labelling Manufacturing Plant Project , VSIP
    Bac Ninh
    − IML Technology Plant Project, Hai Phong
    − Gentherm Vietnam Greenfield Plant Project, Dong Van II, Ha Nam
    − Saint Gobain Gysum Factory Project
    − Gold Coin Feedmill Hai Duong Factory
    − Behn Meyer Factory
    − Masan MB, Masan MB North Hub Project, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
    − Big C Nha Trang Project
    Position: Office Administrator
    a. Administration Work:
    • Purchase stationery for office, managing monthly stationery consumption
    • Purchase office facilities to maintain smooth office service
    • Arrange car hire for picking up and seeing off clients, partners, engineers at the
    airport, project site as required to guarantee for picking up the right person, right
    • Control monthly car company timesheet, the charge of rental car service, divide
    charge into different job codes.
    • Make hotel reservations for clients, partners, engineers as requirement
    • Liaising with partners, clients, engineers during business trips for supporting via
    email or phone
    • Manage vendor supplying service for office such as rental office service,
    cleaning office service, rental car service, mail express service, telephone &
    internet service, printing service
    • Maintain office rental, cleaning office, rental car service agreement and renew
    • Monitor monthly electricity and water consumption of office
    • Liaising with vendor to repair, guarantee equipments in the office
    • Liaising with authorities and perform procedures for establishing representative
    office, registering representative office’s stamp, adjust establishing
    representative office license.
    • Support foreigner employee to rent apartment ,liaising the landlord to make
    temporary residence certificate for foreigner
    • Apply new visa, extension visa , work permit for foreigner employee
    b. HR Support Work:
    • Prepare job descriptions and job specifications
    • Prepare recruitment materials, job advertisement and post job advertisement to
    appropriate job board/newspapers/ website
    • Manage third-party agency for recruiting part-timers, short-term employees and
    supervise them for the process of compensation and benefit.
    • Screen candidates resumes, applications
    • Shortlist applicants and submit it to Office Director for approval
    • Liaising with candidates for interview invitation via telephone or email
    • Arrange & submit interview schedule to Office Director
    • Interview arrangement
    • Coordinate with Office Director within interview duration
    • Collect interview assessment from interviewer, submit its pdf file to Country HR
    • Monitor database system regarding information of current staffs ( E-file CV,
    qualification, employee identification form…)
    • Record CV of candidates applied, qualified CVs, interview assessments in
    hardcopy , in pdf file and upload HR database on server
    • Follow up employment offer/rejection procedure
    • Coordinate with HR Manager /Office Director to follow up probationary
    evaluation, periodic contract evaluation, resignation as company’s procedure
    • Conduct the on boarding program for newcomers such as welcoming
    newcomers, make orientation for newcomers so that he/she understands about
    company regulation as well as company’s culture
    • Coordinate with HR Manager in the development of internal training courses for
    employees to support business operations such as communication skill
    development course, negotiation, communication skill,presentation skill, first aid
    • Responsible for attendance report, OT registration and control all kind of leaves
    of all employees
    • Perform welfare and benefit for staff in office according to company’s regulation
    such as organising annual health check
    • Organize activities such as outing company, teambuilding, family day, year-end
    party, birthday party for staffs to realise that here is the best place to work and
    c. Financial Support Work:
    • Manage office cash monthly
    • Manage the expenditure of office monthly
    • Manage employee’s expense claim & vendor’s payment request: receiving,
    checking, applying for Office Director’s approval and paying employee’s
    expense claim and vendor’s payment request
    • Perform and control petty cash advance, project cash advance and cash
    advance for business trip procedure based on company regulation
    • Manage receipt voucher, payment voucher of office, report to Country Financial
    • Make report on monthly cash payment to Office Director and Country Financial
    • Liaising with bank and perform procedures for opening bank account, closing
    bank account, transactions with bank

  • Project AdministratorJGC Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    01/2011 – 7/2012

    • Prepare correspondence/ transmittals
    • Translate correspondence, documents, reports and other information as required
    • Translate proposal, contract, legal regulations and other project documents as
    • Document Control
    Projects Invovled :
    • Petrol Vietnam Biofuels JSC (PVB), Bio-Fuel Ethanol Plant Project, Phu Tho -Viet
    • Binh Son Chemical & Refining Co., Ltd ,Dung Quat Refinery Improvement, Quang
    • Nghi Son Petrochemical & Refining Co., Ltd , Nghi Son Refinery Early Work,
    Thanh Hoa
    • Binh Son Chemical & Refining Co., Ltd ,Dung Quat Refinery Expansion Updated
    Detailed Feasibility Study, Quang Ngai – Vietnam
    • Chevron Lubricants Vietnam Ltd., Chevron Hai Phong Expansion Plant Project
    Hai Phong-Vietnam

Trình độ học vấn
  • Bachelor 's Degree in Business English,Thang Long University
    2006- 2011
  • Certificate of Import - Export Techniques,University of Foreign Trade
    10/2010 – 11/2010
  • Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency,Nui Truc Japanese Centre
    2008 - 2009
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