CAREER GOALS “Stay hungry, stay foolish” I am open to a job so I can serve customers with the best services, reach to the higher level of career, contribute the value for company and society and make money.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Sale ExecutiveHoozing Real Estate Company
    11/2018 - 05/2019

    ” Second job: learn to grown up”
    In here, even the market is very competitive and KPI is very so high, but I take it as an advantage to improve my communication skills, problem solving….
    Upgrade myself with attitude “ can do anything” and be calm down to face with any unexpected problem.

    Here are details of my job:
    Negotiate on the leasing price, terms and condition with foreign customers.
    Take care of the entire Sales process from enquiry to executing leasing contract.
    Develop and maintain relationships with foreign customers, landlords
    Find the new customers by myself to achieve KPI.

  • Sale &Marketing ExecutiveJV Cosmetic Company
    08/2017 -10/2018

    “First job like first love: pour in my heart”
    I worked in this start-up company when it was already established with mission: provide safety products to new Vietnam market.
    One year later, my team achieved another mission: Expanded the new market to other countries of the world.
    Here are details of my job:
    Build brand by content Marketing to search, introduce, promote the new product to new customers via Facebook, instagram, Youtube…
    Join the beauty shows in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia.. to access to customers in other countries of the world.
    Establish distributors in another country such as Philippines, Denmark, Czech…
    Solve the complains & maintain the good relationship with the existing customers.

Trình độ học vấn
  • Promotion MarketingNational University of Economics

    Graduated with Good degree of Promotion Marketing from National Economic University (GPA: 3.2/4).
    Toeic score: 790/900

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  • English
  • Microsoft Office
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