Your company’s brand is my extreme aspiration. Highly motivated and results oriented professional with exceptional leadership and sale & marketing skills. More than 17 years of diverse working experiences in Marketing, Business Development, Branding, Sales Development, Corporate Communications, Competitive Analysis, Creative Development, Strategic Planning and Mega-Project Management. Proven analytical, planning and project management skills at both strategic and tactical levels. An outstanding motivator and builder of teams.

Kinh nghiệm làm việc
  • Strategic Partnerships & Marketing DirectorHarvey Law Group: Viet Nam & Cambodia
    2017 - now

    Develop annual business plan in conjunction with Sales objectives:
    program contents, programs documents, media, seminars, co-branding
    events, lead generates…
    Conduct market research and specify market requirements for current and
    future programs by compiling customer’s feedbacks;
    Cooperate with lawyers from other departments, across regions, to fulfil
    global business plan and implementation.
    Maintain and develop strategic partnerships/developers capable of
    bringing potential clients and value benefits to the firm;
    Achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage/publicity for the firm
    as well as program development;
    HLG is ranked top 5 in immigration industry.
    With 50% contribution from Marketing for 2018 Sales performances and a
    big number of MOUs are getting line.

  • Business Marketing DirectorTechcombank
    2015 – 2016

    Scope of business: Banking
    Key expertise in strategic planning, channels, operations and products.
    Specialties: managing various aspects of Personal Financial Services as
    well as Business banking. Co-worked with Product team for product
    strategy, strategic planning, promotion scheme, P&L, communication,
    marketing execution… Also developed the E-Business (online marketing
    and internet banking), Channel Marketing, Management of self service
    terminals such as ATMs, Call Center Mgt, 3rd party co-operations…
    Assess opportunities & develop business models with strategic partners:

    Vietnamairlies: co-branding, card / Vinhomes: loan, ATM / Massan: co-
    branding, ATM…

    – Corporate: TCB image, brand and also its standing within the market
    – Product portfolios:
     Personal Finance Services: Card, Loan, Deposit, E banking…
     Business Banking: Loyalty program
    – Personal Financial Services: Lending umbrella campaign: Best offer to
    best customer / Network agent
    – Business Banking: Loyalty program / Network agent

  • National Vehicle HeadMekong Development Bank
    2012 – 2014

    Scope: Banking
    From Nov, 2013 to 2014: National Vehicle Head
    Establish sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales
    quotas for regions and territories; implements national sales programs by
    developing field sales action plans.
    Complete national sales operational requirements by scheduling and
    assigning employees; following up on work results: 4 RSMs, 18 USMs,
    400 dealers and 550 POSs…
    Strengthen dealer relationship by cross selling of other products as Imotor
    base: PIL, life insurance, general insurance…
    Daily reporting of total sales with highlight & lowlight analyze & submit the
    next actions for adjustment.
    Improve the approval rate at key dealers without comprising on credit
    quality – training of CCs and constants and close cooperation with
    Risk/CU/Field Survey.
    Assess opportunities & develop business models with strategic partners:
    Honda, Suzuki, Toyata, Kia…
    Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
    From Nov, 2012 to Nov, 2013: Marketing & Communication Head
    Basic Function/General Scope of Work
    Develop; execute marketing and PR strategies and events/activities that
    help to increase MDB’s brand/customer proposition/product awareness,
    positioning and penetration in the market.

     A member of the management team in Consumer Banking
     Oversees and manages the Marketing and Public Relations
     Other relationships:
    o Internal – Division Directors, Department Heads,
    Branch Heads.
    o External – Shareholders, Vendors, Customers, Ad
    agencies, Media
    o Representatives, Government Agencies

    Key Duties & Responsibilities
    a) Take the lead in developing MDB’s Brand, Marketing, Advertising
    and Promotion:
    Establish marketing campaigns and activities across the bank in line with

    MDB’s branding and vision: IR, ATM, Card, Deposit campaign, Loan-
    Tactical campaign…

    Establish story angles, media materials, internal & external communication
    materials that are within MDB’s stipulated guidelines

    b) Manage all activities of press and public relations
    Arrange and manage public appearances and interviews for MDB,
    investor, shareholder spokespersons.
    Organize press presentations, exhibitions, events, etc and ensure that
    they are in line with MDB’s image.
    Track and report of media effectiveness, media coverage on MDB and
    advice management on response strategy to mitigate MDB’s reputational
    As assigned by the Consumer Banking Division Director in consultation
    with the CEO.
    Manage & get good results from whole Sales channel as well as key
    accounts: Hoa Binh Minh, Topcom, Quang Hung Phuong, Huong Giang,
    Sang Trong….

  • Strategic Partnerships & Marketing DirectorLac Viet Computing Corp.
    2009 – 2012:

    Scope of business: IT – Software
    Strategic Partnerships:
    Develop sound marketing strategies and plans to ensure maximized
    revenue potential.
    Deal with partners (IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Oracle…) to leverage Lac Viet’s
    vertical solutions via their platforms/solutions. Ex: Cloud…
    Identify new business opportunities that can expand company market
    reach whether through expansion by geography, target market, or
    solutions and services: Public Sector: Vebrary – SME: ERP, Accounting,
    Human Resource…
    Marketing and sell more through Strategic Partnerships that leverage
    complementary solutions and services.
    Get strong support from government offices: MIC, HCA, HCMC IC Dept.
    Execute superior marketing programs for increased lead generates and
    pipeline development and execution assistance in order to optimize
    channel partner effectiveness.
    Enhance branding and identity along with refinement of marketing
    messages and defined value proposition.
    Increase market awareness and visibility through proactive media

    Lac Viet umbrella brand as well as its solutions is well-know: IT
    community, partners and clients… with a range of solutions for: Public
    Sector, SMB, Education & Digital Content…

  • Marketing ManagerLafarge Cement Join Venture Company
    2005 – 2009

    Scope of business: Cement
    Own short-term and long-term marketing strategy for trade market
    /industrial market.
    Develop specific offers for trade market/industrial market.
    Develop marketing plans (SBF/MBF) to deliver marketing strategy,
    business objectives of trade market / industrial market target.
    Deploy innovations/offers in VN.
    Execute agreed marketing plans.
    Monitor the progress of activities vs agreed KPIs.
    Regularly review marketing plans and sharing & learning.
    Provide effective coaching to develop junior staff and building the talent
    pool for the organization.
    Best concept for new BIS (Tortoise) with high appreciation from local &
    region management.
    Green line concept applied for Geo-market expansion

  • Marketing HeadLG Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd
    2000 – 2004

    Scope of business: Electronics, IT, Telecommunication.
    Have responsibilities for the overall marketing objectives and strategies for
    new product launched in VN market.
    Develop and manage all brand activation programs.
    Prepare & monitor marketing plan for Marketing Dept.’s operation.
    LG in top 3 after 1,5 years (Source: Gfk – 2000: top 5)
    Aquarium concept adaptation for Sea games sponsorship.

Trình độ học vấn
  • DIGITAL LEADER COURSELG Learning Centre - Korea
  • BRAND MANAGEREconomic University – VietnamMarcom
  • ADVANCE SALE & MARKETINGLafarge University
    Dec, 2007
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