Panel Plus Thailand

Panel Plus Thailand

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Panel Plus Co., Ltd. was established since 1990 under Mitr Phol Group management. We are a leading company producing, Particle Board, Medium Density Fibreboard and Melamine Faced Panels which are substituted materials for natural wood by using high technology and professional management. With the capacity to produce 300,000 cubic-meter particle boards a year, 300,000 cubic-meter medium density fibreboards a year and 23,500,000 square meter melamine impregnated papers a year, it is well-recognized in Asia serving the needs of both domestic and overseas markets.


With our ongoing success, we are ready to be a part of pro-active private sector contributing to Thailand market with professional experiences and effective management system. As a leading manufacturer and distributor, we are quite confident to offer our variety of products and services to serve both domestic and international markets under our trademark – Panel Plus – the trademark of Adding Value to everything we do.


We strive to become the world’s leading company in the wood substitute industry with our comprehensive capability in marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and management.


Panel Plus Company Limited is the leading company in the wood substitute industry. We operate our business to fulfill the demands of the market, particularly the value added products, with the manufacturing technology and managerial approach that are united to strengthen our potential and ability to stay competitive in the international market. We are driven to grow and expand our business along the success of our clients with social responsibilities and awareness for the environment being the foundation of our evolving history.

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