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Company Overview: A Visionary Company

The trusted market leader in cutting edge digital surveillance systems, GTC is the leading one-stop integrated security access control and surveillance solutions expert that provides a ‘peace of mind’ to homeowners and businesses.

Heavy duty, energy saving and value for money, GTC offers a myriad of intelligent CCTV surveillance systems as well as office automation and telecommunications products to increase security and improve business productivity. A leading wholesale supplier of OEM products, GTC capitalises on the commercial market where they remain the leader in providing progressive, CCTV digital surveillance systems.

With a proven portfolio of quality clients, GTC secures the trust of more private companies as well as the Government bodies that are looking to enhance the well-being of their people, property and profits.


To be a one-stop solutions expert, trusted industry leader and provider of surveillance systems in Asia.


To acquire, upgrade and deliver affordable, advanced digital age technologies to our valued resellers and customers to support their business productivity.


GTC is dedicated to ensuring that you have total peace of mind when it comes to your privacy and security. Our philosophy drives us to be committed to pursue excellence; be creditable and gain the trust of our customers; to customise products for your convenience by using creativity and constructive thought processes; to give you the control over keeping your people and premises safe; and to be able to efficiently communicate with you to understand your needs better. All of these important statements are focused to serve you with utmost integrity and matchless quality.
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