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Dung Anh Med Co., Ltd

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DUNG ANH MEDICAL EQUIPMENT IMPORT – EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED (DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD) was established with the determination and unity of shareholder members who have many years experiences in medical field and get good relationships with the customers system as the hospitals, clinics, companies…across to the provinces such as Hanoi, Hung Yen, Phu Tho, Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh, Thai Nguyen, Nghe An, Lai Chau…

With the target is to build up a good quality product system, origin clearly, preserve according to international criteria in quality, international certificate ISO, CE, FDA, CFS…with the most competed prices, DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD has been constantly promoting strongly the direct import activities and the international relationships with many partners over the world. With the maxim is to import genuine directly, our company always ensure the issue of origin of the products, technical supporting services best from every international partners over the world, especially having the most competed prices. This is the maxim help DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD can expand deeply the good relationship with a lot of medical suppliers in the world and make belief, good reputation against the local customers by time.

•    About product system:

At present, DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD has a supplier system contained the various partners in the world come from the countries USA, France, Germany, Korea, Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, Serbia…with the various products in medical field hereunder:

1. Hospital patient bed (Origin Germany, Korea, China)
2. Operating table, Surgical light (Korea, China)
3. Emergency medicine Cart, Bedside cabinet, Stretcher and various hospital furniture equipments from China, Korea and Germany

Especially, our company always try our best to provide for the customers the accurate information of the products, competed prices and keep connect directly with many suppliers over the world to ensure our customers will receive the most accurate information and the best supporting services.

•    About technical service:

With characteristic of medical field, we understand that the technical service is one of the very important issues in supplying the medical products. Therefore, we have built a many years experiential technical team in medical field, assure every activities of maintenance, warranty, repairing after selling for the customers timely and at best. Moreover, as our company’s maxim is the cooperation genuine, almost the products are ordered from our company will be received the best care from the manufacturers throughout some activities of training, consulting to repair via teamviewer software and standard replaced accessories, components genuine.

Especially, with the strength point about technique, DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD also develop the expert service, consultancy, repairing almost medical devices and equipments of the customers which made them some difficulties due to not receive the good support and cooperation from the local distributors before. Price for the supporting services will be built up from the specific status of the defective devices, however, they will be considered deeply based on the long cooperation with the customers, making belief and good reputation for our brand of DUNG ANH MED CO., LTD.

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